The house was originally a monastery belonging to the order of St. Jerome from the end of the 17th century until the 1850 confiscation of church properties.

At that point in time it was partitioned into five separate dwellings and fell into the hands of individual families – until the period of mass exodus from rural areas, when it was abandoned. A few years ago, we purchased two of those partitions and got to work on renovating the ruins that we encountered.

Having considered many options, we finally settled on the idea of a guesthouse…

This meant piles of paperwork, blueprints, subsidies, loan applications – in short, dealing with bureaucracy, plain and simple. We didn’t even have electricity or sewage in place. What we did have was lots of stonework. We dug in not knowing what we were getting ourselves into, and after investing hours upon hours, with outside assistance and, above all Braulio’s, countless hours of work, we’ve built what is known today as Los Jerónimos.

We managed to create our home and business at the same time, a means of living out in the countryside but with plenty of direct communication with the rest of the world, thanks, especially, to all the pleasant conversations we have with our guests.

Although life is peaceful in La Tuda there’s always work to be done, like taking care of the animals, watering plants, cleaning, and performing maintenance on the inside and outside of the house, in addition to several building projects that we have yet to tackle.

We apologize for any inconvenience that you may experience if you encounter an area under construction.

Los Jerónimos ~ La Tuda (Zamora) ~ 980551240 ~ info@losjeronimos.com