The Restaurant

Opening its doors in the year 2000, our restaurant is true to its own original style, rooted in sophisticated – yet unpretentious – cuisine where local products, together with those of our own organic vegetable garden, are seasoned with a personal touch and the warmhearted ambience of our home.

You won’t find a “menu” per se. What you will encounter is our approach of personalized, custom dining options, which is what makes eating at “Los Jerónimos” a unique experience. Of course, we always strive to ensure that all our visitors leave satisfied.

In our kitchen the large majority of the dishes are made with vegetables coming from our own garden, lamb born and raised in La Tuda, and roasted in our Pereruela-style clay oven, veal raised in Sayago and, of course, our own organic home-made bread baked with flour from our province, Zamora.

MMany of our staple ingredients, such as flour, oil, sugar, and coffee, are either organic or fair-trade products. We simply feel that’s the right way to do things: even though it implies a greater expense, we support products that have been grown by traditional means as a way of defending food sovereignty – a concept that is becoming more and more threatened in our globalized world ruled by large multinational corporations, whom we choose not to favor.

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